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Hi all

dorkbot was off the chain last night!  thanks speakers, hosts, volunteer crew, and all of you for being a part of kicking off  dorkbotSF 12 year meetings!

here are some pix

here is the archive page for that meeting - we'll be adding more pix and video, it also has speaker contact info and bio in case you all want to get involved, have questions for them!

thanks micah, neal, william, rich for the inspiring, hilarious, fun talks and to john law, big daddy, jarico reese, devo and crew for hosting us!  too jon foote for MCing and james young for archiving us some video, and to @grilledcheezguy stand-ins for keeping the dorks fed

because its 12 year anniversary month we have another meeting next week too!  will announce that seperately!

cheers -karen

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