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hi all

so if you were on the dorkbotsf-blabber list i've *invited* you to the
new dorkbotsf-blabber Google Group.  you still have to accept your
invitations and they are only good for a week.  im pretty sure i dont
want to have to manually enter everyone's email again so accept your
invites now or join yourselves with the email of your choosing here:!forum/dorkbotsf-blabber

looks like a little over 100 of you have already joined which means
there's about 800 of you more to go!

also, i dont think i want to enter everyone again into a seperate
dorkbotsf-announce list so just join the blabber and set your settings
to digest or whatever.  keep in mind digest users, that meetings are
random dates so if you are only receiving dorkbot mail weekly or
whatever, you may not get the message in time.

i believe these lists are going away next week so join the google group
i'll post there once more of you have joined it

Visit this group at

also the website is going away soon - will announce when the new one
with all the archives is ready

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