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dorkbotSF @ Stochastic Labs - Thanks and Pix

Hi everyone

Many thanks to Stochastic Labs (Vero Bellow, Alex Reben) who funded the 5 projects you all saw and hosted the first dorkbot fair!  

Thanks to all the presenters - Lynn Hershman and her team Josiah Zayner and Mark Hellar, Scott Minneman and JD Beltran, Greg Leppert, Lucia Jacobs and her team:  Judy Jinn, Nate Hunt, Mikel Delgado, Tom Libby, Jennifer Arter, Aaron Texeira, and to my partner in stochastic crime here Graham Plumb!  

Special thanks to Steve, Tracy for their support and help during our stochastic time,  to James Young for helping Graham and I on video feed of the open cube, and Tom Williams for making a video mix of my old generative viz and masking/projecting it on the curved windows

To @GrilledCheezGuy for the noms and the Stochastic bartender for keeping us all lubricated with wine, beer, and the dorkchastic drink that i hope you all got to try!

Pix from Alex here =
Pix and short video snippets from me here:

I know there's more videos and pix out there so please send them my way and i'll update the archive page for this dorkbot which is here:

Stay tuned for the next meeting - in Nov sometime...


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