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dorkbotSF #82 - Jul 15 - noisebridge

Hi all

We're set - next meeting is next week!  Details below:

WHEN:  Jul 15 2015 7:00pm

WHERE: noisebridge
             2169 Mission (between 17th and 18th)

Danny O'Brien - Putting the Electronic in Electronic Frontier Foundation
Gordon Kirkwood - Projects
Jesse Silver - Blumenlumen

Speaker/presentation details here:

In case the server gets moved try this URL -

Slightly different dorkbot format - we'll meet at 7 where you all can
socialize first then talks start at 8

$5-$20 donations to our hosts noisebridge much appreciated!  No one
turned away for lack of funds

Regarding the mailing list - as you all know the server is going away -
we've been hosted by Columbia for ages now - i think its been 13 years!
We're going to be using Google groups - i'm slowly adding those already
on the list manually but if you want to make sure you're added and using
the email you want you can also add yourself here:!forum/dorkbotsf-blabber

PS  I've been told that if your email is somehow tied to a gmail, groups
will sneakily use your gmail instead

See you all next Wed!


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