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dorkbotSF #79 (i think) - Oct 15 - Wed 7:30 - at Stochastic Labs

Hello everyone after a quick break dorkbotSF is on again!  

This is a special dorkbotSF hosted by Stochastic Labs who have funded 5 artist teams using science and technology.  It will be held in their lovely technology mansion in the gourmet ghetto of Berkeley and instead of the usual sit-down presentations, we'll do it mingling/science fair style where you can all wander the Victorian mansion built in the 1800s and discover the projects and talk to the artists in various rooms.  Theres even a turret/widows walk!  GrilledCheezGuy will be there, as well as vegan options TBD and a bar.  Everything is donation based so please support our hosts who have supported us!  Details here:

When     - Oct 15 2014 7:30pm
Where   - Stochastic Labs - 1536 Oxford St Berkeley (between Cedar and Vine)

Lynn Hershman and team (Mark Hellar and Josiah Zayner) - The Infinity Engine

JD Beltran and Scott Minneman - The Cinema Snowglobe

me (Karen Marcelo) and Graham Plumb - Open Cube

Greg Leppert - Boomerang

Josiah Zayner - I Can See Your Genome (part of the Infinity Engine)

Lucia Jacobs and team (Judy Jinn, Mikel Delgado, Nate Hunt, Tom Libby, Dr. Jennifer Arter, Aaron Texeira) - Cirque d'Squirrel

More about each art project and team bios on the dorkbot page:

Many thanks to Vero Bollow and Alex Reben for founding a cool art/technology/science lab and a great resource for the dork/maker/art tribes in the area - they will tell us more at dorkbot!

See you there!

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