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dorkbot3 this Thursday Sept. 14

David Nunez
dorkbot austin is back (always 2nd Thursday of the month) and it is  
going to be mindblowing this week!

People Doing Strange Things with Electricity... in Austin.
September 14 , 2006 - 8:00PM
Cafe Mundi <>, 1704 East 5th St.

A Free, Kid-Friendly Event

Dorks on Deck:
1. Zack Booth Simpson - <>
2. Jerry Chamkis and his you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it Kosmophone  
3. SFS TV <>
4. Greg Most of Waxploitation! DJs

Come see / take home ("suggested donation of $5" and by "suggested  
donation," we mean "the minimum amount you will most certainly beg to  
pay") the incredible and OFFICIALLY LIMITED EDITION dorkbotaustin  
poster by artist Noel Waggener of subCulture Press  
([hidden email])

Also, by popular request, we'll be presenting Dorkbot in SUPER HAPPY  
JUMBOTRON 3000!*!*!*!  (i.e. have a video camera pointed at the  
projects so everyone in the back can see better)

Some other announcements:

1. Desperately seeking Girl Dorks (dorkettes?  femdorks? or just  
dorks? hrmmm) to present at October's dorkbot4 (October 12, 2006).  
Email [hidden email]
2. Please vote for Dorkbot as a SxSW-Interactive topic - see below
3. We'll be doing a dorkbot presentation at the Community Technology  
and Telecommunications Commission meeting this Wednesday at City Hall  
<>; these are  
open meetings, so come show your love!!
4. Get ready for One Web Day September 22, 2006 <http://> This event explores how people are doing weird  
things with electricity... on the Internet.
5. Immediately after dorkbot3, head over to the OFFICIAL Dorkbot  
After Party (errr... actually it's the ACL Pre-party) @  
Mohawk 912 Red River <>

Can't wait to see you there!

(as always, email us back if you'd rather not get these offensive and  
obnoxious email announcements)


Hello friends,

I need your help with a fun side project that a few friends and I  
launched.  It will only take a minute or two and it’ll help Austin  
use technology in new, creative and educational ways.

As some of you know, I’m involved with the Austin arm of Dorkbot, a  
free monthly showcase of people doing strange things with  
electricity.  Three friends and I volunteer to give the stage to a  
few brave souls who show off their homemade robots, Tesla Coils,  
video games, Theremins and all sorts of other beautiful and bizarre  
wonders of technology.  While most of this is just for fun, a couple  
of our presentations have sparked commercial interest.  The Statesman  
even ran a great piece on us and we’ve attracted up to 200 people to  
our events, including, best of all, lots of kids who’re psyched to  
see and touch some cool uses of technology.

So here’s where I need your help.  To help publicize Dorkbot we’ve  
pitched a Dorkbot panel to SXSW Interactive, and panels are chosen by  
popular vote.  I ask you to take a moment to visit SXSW’s website and  
vote for our panel.  Please do it today.

While you’re at it, please also consider voting for another panel we  
proposed, this one on manipulating the Nintendo DS (the new version  
of the ubiquitous GameBoy) for fun, strange and potentially  
profitable uses.  Like Dorkbot, this panel highlights and teaches  
inviting ways to play with technology.

To vote, here’s all you do:
* Click here or paste this address in your browser: http://
* On the left side under “1. Make Your Pick,” select “DIY/creativity”  
from the pull-down menu.
* Scroll down to the fifth item, “I am Dorkbot” and click the “Pick  
Me” button.
* “I am Dorkbot” will then appear in the middle column, “2. Order  
Your Picks.”
* Next, go back to column on the left and select “gaming/virtual  
worlds” from the pull-down menu.
* Toward the bottom you’ll see a panel called “Strange Brew:  
Perverting the DS and Getting Paid For It.” Click on the “Pick Me”  
button next to it and it will show up in the middle column.
* Feel free to browse and select other panels or just submit those two.
* When you’re ready to vote, enter your name and email and hit the  
“Cast Your Vote” button in the right-side column, “3. Cast Your Vote.”
That’s it!  You’re done.

Remember, anyone can vote, although your vote receives a little extra  
weight if you have attended the festival before.  Please take a  
minute to visit the site today, cast your vote for these two panels  
and do a little something to help keep Austin’s technology weird.

And pass this request on to any likeminded friends.

Many thanks,

P.S. Here’s the July 8 Austin American-Statesman article on Dorkbot: 
07/8dorkbot.html .

.........dorkbot: people doing strange things with electricity..........
......................... ...........................