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dorkbot pix and thanks!

Hi everyone

Thanks to our cool speakers: Pete Warden, Simon Winder, and Eddie Codel and to Justin Quimby and Molly Mitchell of BlueSprout for hosting us!
To GrilledCheezGuy for feeding the dorks with a new thing - grilled cheese nachos!  To Jonathan Foote for MCing and to everyone for coming out!  
Was fun to see everyone operating the drones all over the place, get a tour of BlueSprout, and see the self-balancing robot.  

Here are some pix -

If there are any more you want to share let me know and I'll link to it from the archive page:

Also stay tuned for videos which i'll link to that page as well.  If any of the speakers want to share their slides, please send them to me and i'll upload to the dorkbot site

Thanks again all, till the next one (most likely after June)


dorkbot: people doing strange things with electricity