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hi all

as christopher schardt pointed out google groups will sneakily use your
gmail account if you have an email subscribed to this list associated
with a gmail account.
there is no warning it just does it.  so if you want to use a different
email addy just let me know.  if there's too many of you that will
randomly ping me about this i may set it up so hyou can all just
subscribe yourselves.  i've never used google groups so have no idea -
it was the one that most of you suggested we move to.

also this is a pain as i've had to scrub email addies and can only
manually add you all 10 at a time.   i'll continue later so if some of
you already got the invite, pls dont post there yet.  lets wait till
everyone is on there.  continue to use this list for now.

im taking a break there's about 1000 of you :)   and also for
dorkbot-announce - i'll set that up and hopefully people can just add
themselves.  but i'll do blabber at least since its more active.

to be continued... so dont worry if you didnt get the invite yet. im
just procrastinating or working on other things :)

oh there are some of you that google groups isnt accepting - says you're
banned or something... will get a list of problematic emails to you all

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