Dorkbot tomorrow jun 25!

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Dorkbot tomorrow jun 25!

Hi all

Reminder to come to tomorrow's meeting!

Pretty stoked for the speakers:
Balint Seeber - using software defined radio to control an abandoned space probe!
Daniel Anderson - interactive wii controlled projection mapping
Ben de Leeuw - DIY full body 3d scanning rig - camera sculptura
Dan Novy - his work at the Media Lab, festival of things, science fiction to science fabrication, and non invasive neuro stimulation

Also check out Gray Area's amazing new art space right in the mission! Take back sf from being purely expensive residential for an art and technology space for all!

Grilled cheese guy will be there, cash bar

$5-$20 donations to our hosts is much appreciated - help them make a great space for us all

Jon Foote MCs!

Not to be missed!

More details

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