Dorkbot Melbourne 25, 4pm, Sunday 1 February, 2009

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Dorkbot Melbourne 25, 4pm, Sunday 1 February, 2009

Ross Bencina-3-3
[apologies for duplicates, please spread the word far and wide!]

Dorkbot Melbourne 25
>>> people doing strange things with electricity <<<
4pm, Sunday 1 February, 2009
Level 1, 124a Johnston St Fitzroy 3065 (just east of Brunswick St).

This Sunday Dorkbot Melbourne once again brings together inspired and
inspiring minds from across the known universe. Everyone with an interest in
doing strange things with electricity is invited to come along and check out
the presentations and participate in lively discussion. Doors open at 4pm,
presentations start at 4.30 sharp. Bring your friends. Bring drinks and
nibblies of your choice. Scheduled talks are outlined below.

As usual there will be an opportunity for anyone to spend a couple of
minutes explaining what they're up to, promoting related activities and
events, or requesting help. You're welcome to just turn up and ask on the
day, but feel free to let us know in advance. Also, please get in touch with
us at ( [hidden email] ) if you'd like to present something at
a future dorkbot.

::: LalaLullaby :::
Richard Allen

Richard Allen (aka Chi Chi Fibonacci) will discuss the maiden voyage of
"Lalalullaby" - a weird and wonderful immersive musical sculpture created
with Pippa Willison and Paul Irving.

Fresh back from experimenting with punters at the Rainbow Serpent festival,
Richard will attempt to explain what it's like to sit inside a giant cosy
knitted egg, swinging inside a five metre tall pyramid, being pushed by two
costumed creatures while your motion generates a multilayered, synthesised,
quadraphonic soundscape...

A mysterious sculpture, an engaging performance, a hypnotic soundscape, an
experience in aural acrobatics, LaLaLullaby is all these and a bit more

Richard Allen is a 38 year old artist and engineer who's playful approach to
interactive works cleverly masks his political agenda.

In his spare time between building giant animatronic dinosaurs, he
collaborates with composer James Hullick to create musical robots for the
interabilites arts group "The Amplified Elephants". As Chi Chi Fibonacci,
the performer becomes instrument as his electric hemaphrodite suit makes
erogenous zones respond to physical pressure with a warped sound and light

Since 2000 "Richie's Electric Playground" has taken a curiously harmonious
orchestra of novel electronic musical instruments (including the
 "Screatures" musical puppets) on a solar powered jamming roadshow around
the world. Other interactive sculptures include "Cro-NullaNulla Man 1", the
"Great Wall" musical toy display for Big Day Out 2006, "War On" a physical
video game interface presented at Electrofringe and SOOB and the
"Hypnonoodle" audio visual instrument for which he won the I-Give award for
Best Sound Toy.

::: Diagramming For the Blind :::
Cagatay "Chatai" Goncu

Diagrams are important components of educational materials. They can be
found in various media. Printed media, such as text books, have
traditionally been the most commonly used media for educational material,
however online electronic resources, such as web pages and e-books, are
becoming increasingly popular sources of educational content. Online
materials include static diagrams, like text books, but may also include
dynamic content such as animations and components that can interact with the
user. Unfortunately, these types of content are not easily accessible to
blind people.

While there has been considerable research into generation of accessible
diagrams, there is still no generic technique for automatically generating
accessible diagrams from a standard input format such as SVG or image.
Developing such a generic technique is the aim of this project. This
generation should preserve the same semantics and pragmatics as its visual
representation as far as possible, and be appropriate to users, tasks,
devices and presentation media.

Cagatay (Chatai) Goncu is a PhD student studying at Clayton School of IT,
Monash University. He is in his second year now, and working on presenting
diagrams to blind people by using different modalities such as tactile,
audio, and tactile/audio. Before coming to Australia, he got his bachelors
degree from Computer Science and Engineering department, Hacettepe
University, Turkey, and a masters dregree from Middle East Technical
University, Turkey on Software Engineering and Management where he was
working as a research assistant on conceptual modeling and interoperability
among conceptual models.

::: OpenDorks :::

Please announce yourself to the presenters if you want to make a short
communication (three to seven minutes) about your project, work in progress,
or make a petition for help (material, technical expertise, etc needed).

Monthly dorkbot Melbourne meetings are scheduled for the last Sunday of
every month (except December) so whack it in your diary now.

Hope to see you there!

The Dorkbot Melbourne Overlords
Ross, Javier, Jon, Jesse.

P.S. Check out our mailing list and wiki to hear about future dorkbots...

.........dorkbot: people doing strange things with electricity..........