Dorkbot Melbourne 21, 4pm, Sunday 31 August -- Level 1, 124a Johnson St Fitzroy

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Dorkbot Melbourne 21, 4pm, Sunday 31 August -- Level 1, 124a Johnson St Fitzroy

Ross Bencina-3-3
[please spread the word far and wide!]
[apologies for duplicates]

Dorkbot Melbourne 21
>>> people doing strange things with electricity <<<
4pm, Sunday 31 August, 2008
Level 1, 124a Johnston St Fitzroy 3065 (just east of Brunswick St).

This Sunday Dorkbot Melbourne once again brings together inspired and
inspiring minds from all over Melbourne. Everyone with an interest in doing
strange things with electricity is invited to come along and check out the
presentations and participate in lively discussion. Doors open at 4pm,
presentations start at 4.30 sharp. Bring your friends. Bring drinks and
nibblies of your choice. Scheduled talks are outlined below.

As usual there will be an opportunity for anyone to spend a couple of
minutes explaining what they're up to, promoting related activities and
events, or requesting help. You're welcome to just turn up and ask on the
day, but feel free to let us know in advance. Also, please get in touch with
us at ( [hidden email] ) if you'd like to present something at
a future dorkbot.   ^^^^^^^^^ <-- We now actually read this email address!

// Free Software Art: Work In Progress
 # Javier Candeira

Free Software, also called Open Source, is code that can be freely shared,
used, modified, given, sold. Software Art is discipline that creates and
studies artistic artifacts composed exclusively (or mainly) of code. is a project established for the promotion, study and
catalogation of Software Artifacts shared under Free and Open Source
licenses. It's a deliberate intervention in the political economy of
software art, an embedded anthropology experiment in shaking the digital
arts establishment out of its preemptive copyright mindset.

The first leg of the project is an essay/manifesto on the advantages of Free
Software licensing practices for artists curators, historians and archivers
in the three stages of production, distribution and conservation of Software
Artifacts. The second and third legs of the project, currently ongoing,
study the impact of Software Art on the Free Software community and on the
art community at large respectively.

Javier Candeira is a Spaniard living in Melbourne. He co-founded (the "Spanish Slashdot"), helped in the adaptation and launch
of the Creative Commons licenses in Spain, and teaches Introduction to Free
Software int he Masters in Free Software at Universidad Oberta de Catalonia.
He has writen extensively on peer production and digital aesthetics, for
media ranging from Revista de Occidente to Rolling Stone EspaƱa.

Currently he is typing his bio into a computer, writing about himself in the
third person.

// Help Your Self
 # Narinda Reeders

Narinda will be joining us to present both artistic and technical
perspectives on her installation 'Help Your Self' which was exhibited during
the 2007 EXPERIMENTA PLAYGROUND: International Biennial of Media Arts.

The "Help Us Help You Help Centre" is an ATM-style kiosk that provides
self-help for a convenience driven society. Lydia, a slick, corporate
self-help guru with a short temper and strong opinions, guides you through
this interactive installation with a series of questions, prompting you to
respond by speaking into a microphone. As a voice-activated character, Lydia
is prone to misinterpretation. She will probably get your name wrong and
doesn't hesitate to berate you if she thinks she hears you swearing in a
public place. She asks very personal questions, and her comments,
assumptions and attempts to give you advice are not only unhelpful but also
often amusing. Help Your Self parodies the potential for self help gurus to
prey on our vulnerabilities and plays with the increasingly blurred line
between public and private in our society. Taking two ubiquitous ideals of
our culture, self-help and self-service, to an absurd level, we are offered
a particularly inconvenient convenience and some unhelpful and potentially
damaging advice.

Narinda Reeders is a photo-media and performance artist based in Melbourne.
She is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and also holds a
degree in Psychology and Computer Science. Her art work combines digital
video, photography and interactive media to explore urban dystopia and the
increasingly blurred line between public and private. Narinda's photography
has exhibited widely, including the Centre for Contemporary Photography and
the Australian Centre for Photography. She was also a finalist in the 2003
Leica/CCP Photo-documentary Award show. Her interactive work has been
exhibited in the last two Experimenta exhibitions and has toured both
nationally and internationally. She recently completed a residency at Kala
Art Institute in Berkeley California.

Narinda has been working as a computer programmer for over ten years in both
large and small organisations. She is currently working for the digital
studio Portable Content developing websites.

// OpenDorks

Please announce yourself to the presenters if you want to make a short
communication (three to seven minutes) about your project, work in progress,
or make a petition for help (material, technical expertise, etc needed).

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