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DIY electronics moving sale: Test equipment, parts, free stuff

Colin Raffel
Hey all, I'm moving and so am trying to pare down my electronics workbench.   Everything is in Harlem, near Dorkbot's regular meeting place at Prentice Hall at Columbia.  Everything is "or best offer" and deals will be made for people who are buying lots of stuff! I'll be bummed if you only want to come and pick up free stuff, but I probably won't say no.  I can send photos if you're interested.  Please forward to anyone you think would be interested, and sorry for the spam!


Rigol DS-1052E Digital Storage Oscilloscope. This is hands-down the best fully-featured affordable oscilloscope. Two channels with trigger, 1 million point memory, 100 MHz bandwidth, USB storage access, color LCD display, USB storage, FFT, etc. etc. The unit is basically brand new, I bought it a few years ago and have used it sparingly. Power cable and two probes are included. Retail $330, yours for $280.

M9803R bench multimeter. A nice digital multimeter, with all of the features you'd expect. Has an RS-232 interface in case you need that. A definite upgrade over cheap handheld units. Retail $120, yours for $50.

Global Specialties 2002 Function Generator. An analog function generator .2 Hz -> 2 MHz frequency range, with square, sine, and triangle oscillators with adjustable symmetry. Retail $250 (when it was still made), yours for $40.

Powered breadboard: A 3-column breadboard with built-in bipolar adjustable power supply as well as a dedicated 5V line. I made a small modification to include two 1/4" jacks on either side, because most of the work I do is with audio circuits. I'll include all of the circuitry currently on the board, including two MN3205 bucket brigade chips! Includes two plastic cases of breadboard wires and parts. $20

USBTinyISP AVR programmer. Because you're too legit/old school for Arduino/Raspberry Pi and you need to flash AVR chips. $10


Plastic case of switches. Includes many mini and standard-size toggle switches, heavy-duty metal DPDT and 3PDT pushbutton "stomp" switches, and a small assortment of oddballs. $20

Plastic case of of ICs. Includes many analog audio amplifier chips, digital logic chips, a few programmable devices, regulators, relays, and some sockets. A few rare/discontinued things, too. $10

Box of plastic switched stereo 1/4" jacks. I have used hundreds of these units over the years and have never had one fail. Around 60 in all. $5

Plastic case of potentiometers. A wide assortment of panel mount pots, mostly Alpha, mostly linear, from 1k to 1M, as well as a few dual-ganged pots, trimpots, and oddballs. At least 100 in all, with a bias towards 100k and 10k pots. $20

Plastic case of resistors, LEDs, diodes, and transistors. Many 1/4W 5% resistors from 100 ohm to 4.7M, including only 1, 2.2, and 4.7 multiples. Lots of misc LEDs and transistors and a few 1n4001 diodes. Lots of 555 timer ICs for some reason, too. Not sure of the exact count but it's a huge box. $10

Plastic storage container with drawers full of 1/4W, 1% metal film resistors. There are a few thousand resistors in there, mostly sorted by value; as above, the only values are 1, 2.2, and 4.7 multiples from 100 ohm to 4.7M. They mostly sorted, but are not completely perfectly sorted, so, it's cheap! $10

Bag of knobs. This is the most legit bag of knobs you will ever see. There are some insanely cool vintage knobs in here, as well as a bunch of random modern knobs for basically any application. $10

Box of 20 pre-painted black and pre-drilled 1790NS project enclosures, meant for guitar pedals. There's a long story behind these, if you're interested get in touch and I will tell it to you and give you the deal of your life on them.


TI MSP430 Launchpad development toolkit. I think I bought this for $4.30, it's TI's answer to the Arduino to entice the Maker community, I never got into it.

Bag of LED bezels.

Sheets and sheets of inkjet sticker and iron on transfer paper, for labeling your enclosures!

Cheapo Radioshack soldering iron.

Cheapo Weller soldering iron.

Desoldering iron with vacuum bulb.

GRAB BOXES! I have two of these. They are priority mail flat rate boxes filled to the brim with parts, many unusual, cool, and valuable things inside.

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